Nikahforever.com A place where the mortals shall unite and recite Alhamdulillah.

Is the website safe to use?

➡ Yes, both the visitors and the researchers are under surveillance all the time.

Can the profile picture of a girl be set to private mode?

➡ Yes. It can be set to private as well as public mode.

Does registering at nikah forever require making a monetary expenditure?

➡ No, registering doesn't imply expending money. However in order to make use of our services, you have to become a premium member and subscribe to our plans according to your needs.

Can we search for partners from every part of India?

➡ Yes. Plus the more you spread the name, the more prospects will add on to your friendly matrimonial site.

Is the search for partner limited to India only?

➡ No, the search is not limited to India only. We have non native members registered with us as well.

How do I delete my profile on Nikah forever?

➡ Simply go to the main menu and select Help>>Account Close. We will then process your request and inform you accordingly about it.

How do I ensure authenticity of a profile that I choose?

➡ Visiting our profile will only give you the list of the registered people with us with a little information labelled to them. In order to initiate conversation you can either "Express Interest" or to know about their contact details (phone number or email address) you can subscribe to your suitable package. All of these steps are regulated by our verification process that may last a day or more after which you are good to go. NOTE: Make your expenditure only after our verification process is complete.

How nikah forever works?

➡ We at nikah forever intend to present matches according to the preference you provide for your partner. By applying the filters which may be caste wise, texture wise or age wise we provide you from the entire list of registered people, preference matching prospects to ensure a fruitful experience. You can either be a prospect yourself or look for partners for anyone among your family or friends.